Hobey Stick Award

1883 Black Ice Pond Hockey Championship Award- “Hobey Stick”

The 1883 Black Ice Pond Hockey Championship winners from each division will be the recipients of the Honorary “Hobey Stick.” 

Hockey Heritage of the Hobey Stick Award

The Hobey Baker Stick was chosen to honor the winning team of the inaugural 1883 Black Ice Pond Hockey Championship to create awareness of Concord’s rich hockey heritage and to honor St. Paul’s School’s most accomplished hockey player, Hobart “Hobey” Baker.

Hobey Baker Biography

A fellow student once recalled that “It was always Hobey who was first on the autumn-scented black ice where, at lightning speed, he led the few friends who could keep up with him on night flights.” It was during these night-skating sessions that Hobey developed the ability to carry the puck while never looking down at his stick. He was, indeed, at that age considered something special and quickly became St. Paul’s number-one athlete, also achieving fame in football, baseball and crew.

For more biography on Hobey Baker, visit the NH Legends of Hockey website at http://www.nhlegendsofhockey.com/

As seen in the caption below, the historic Hobey Baker Memorial Trophy is what we honor to acknowledge the hockey tradition at St. Paul’s School.

*Starting in 1896, St Paul’s School competed against the likes of St. Mark’s, Princeton Varsity, Yale Varsity and others in an Annual Christmas Hockey Game.  In 1926, the event moved to Madison Square Garden.  In 1946, the Princeton Freshman Squad defeated St Paul’s School 2-1.  After the event, Princeton was presented the Hobey Baker Memorial Trophy, a stick once used by Hobey Baker.  Hobey Baker was an Alumnus of St. Paul’s School in Concord.